Staying at a Charlevoix outfitter ensures a true change of scenery, so impressive is the forest and so welcoming are the hosts. As a family or between friends, Charlevoix Outfitters, located near urban centers, are special places throughout the four seasons. Take advantage of our packages for fishing, family vacations, discovery, hunting and the next generation’s introduction to an outfitter’s holiday package, and enjoy an outstanding experience.

Fishing Packages

Charlevoix, hundreds of lakes in an amazing forest

Charlevoix outfitters, a wealth of unique sites to fish, relax, and discover from mid-May until mid-October. In these exclusive rights territories, lakes are filled with trout and their hosts ensure the healthy management of their natural resources.

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Family Vacation Packages

Charlevoix outfitters, more than just a hunting and fishing experience.

A family vacation at a Charlevoix outfitter is a great way to enjoy a great number of outdoor activities adapted for all ages. Whether on water, in the forest, observing or experimenting, each activity is an excellent pretext to dive into the heart of a majestic environment.

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Discovery Packages

Discovering Charlevoix is also discovering wildlife and flora still intact and well preserved.

In the heart of the forest, the outfitters of Charlevoix allow their guests to discover different species of animals in complete security and to photograph a variety of plant-life in all seasons. Many outfitters offer observation sites for bear, beaver and moose. In some cases guests can even take part in hosted activities.

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Hunting Packages

Paradoxically wild and hospitable, the Charlevoix territory has a unique and authentic side that pleases hunters of big or small game. 

Charlevoix is the ultimate place to hunt all the while being enveloped by the majestic scenery. Outfitters open their doors wide to hunters in search of a vacation in harmony with nature. A multitude of perfect places to rest and hunt in a privileged territory.

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Outfitters’ Youth Packages

Take advantage of the summer to introduce your children to all that nature can offer.

Only hours away from Québec City, you will be welcomed to intimate, rated, comfortable and entirely renovated chalets, steps away from a lake in the majestic and authentic Charlevoix nature. Your package will include lodging, boats with safety equipment, professional guidance, fishing gear and various activities provided by the outfitter. You will have a choice of activities such as wildlife interpretation, observation and introduction to fishing, accompanied by impassioned guides.

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Fall stay Packages

Charlevoix, hundreds of lakes adorned with fall colouring.

What would be better than enjoying fall’s mild weather while fishing one of the region’s many lakes? Smell the fragrant air of fall and enjoy some trout fishing while being overwhelmed by the colourful scenery.

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